A Guide to Reading My Blog

Before I actually dive in into my first review (don’t worry, I’ve selected the lucky book), it may be good to introduce you to how I structure my reviews. Variations may apply, but the skeleton remains as follows:

    • Here I say a short story of why the book is chosen, how it got into my hand and a short description of the author.
    • All the basics: title, author, and the category which the books falls within.
    • The scope of the book review; in case of lengthy books it is likely that I will give reviews in parts.
    • A gist of the most important ideas of and quotes from the book (in my opinion).
    • The idea of this section is to raise a healthy assessment on the propositions of the book. I will give out questions that I personally have raised during my reading.
    • Related further readings, be they from the same author or different ones. When applicable I’ll also attach links to online resources that can complement the book.

The idea is for you to also engage in discussions with me. You are invited to leverage the comment section to add on things I might have missed or to simply add a new discussion thread.

Did I miss anything essential? Leave a comment and let me know. Please stay tuned!



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