Late Adopter


This is not my first attempt at blogging. However, my previous blogging effort ended up with only 3 followers, including an online stalker. I’m hoping to start afresh with a clean slate.

I just decided to become a late adopter at blogging. Why? First, I just wrapped up grad school and am now sitting in what a call a ‘gap month’ before starting off with full time employment. Basically I have extra free time and I’d like to be prolific during those times. Second, I am a true advocate of knowledge sharing. This online platform will enable me to fulfill this goal. Third, after returning home I discovered I have at least 20 books sitting idly, some with their packaging unremoved. At one point, I really SHOULD read them. Writing a blog on book reviews should be good enough of a motivation.

Let’s do some expectation management first. In this blog you should expect:

  1. A somewhat random selection of books. I’ll be clear with tagging and categorising so you can always return to your favourite post wihout hassle.
  2. At times, very critical analyses instead of plain summary ;). Mind you that I will post before I finish the book. I have come to learn that highlighting individual chapters is as gratifying as reviewing a complete book.
  3. A potpourri of collection, but no fiction whatsoever. Also, books that might have been published several years back. When I come across an interesting new book, I’ll give it a reading priority.
  4. Lists, lists, and lists

You can also expect to receive weekly updates from me (meaning at least there’s going to be one new post per week), a mechanism I chose to establish to enforce regular reading. I have committed myself to read at least 1 chapter of each book I’m currently reading per day.

Currently I’m engaged with a couple of books on different items, but I have always had a short list of books I want to read. These include books on:

  • (Practical) theology
  • Christian living
  • Cyber security
  • Technology in general
  • Business and management

At the moment I’m reading a book on gospel-driven productivity, dating (yes.), the dangers of social media and how to avoid phish mails. Some of them are left in my Dutch home, and some I will bring back with me from Indonesia. I’ll also bring 10+ new titles with me to Netherlands.

I also have a wishlist I keep at an online bookshop (Dutch). I’ll share the link in an upcoming post. If you are blessed and encouraged by my reviews, please be my guest and mention books that you’d like me to review immediately. My wishlist can serve as pointers for you to have an idea of what kinds of books entice me. If I have extra money (I honestly would like to read books I’ve already bought), I’ll get them straight away but free books are always welcome 😉

The first actual review post will shortly come.



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